About Coin Master Game You need to know

The coin master game is a social slot machine game developed by Moon Active, which has become a very viral game on social media nowadays. People of all ages, young or old, like this game very much. If you are reading this article, it means that you are crazy about coin master. You want to know about  Coin Master. you may also like Coin master free spin.


How to Install Coin Master

Coin master available on google play, Apple store iOS, and online Facebook. You can easily download and install this game. After download the coin master game, you will see a basic demo on how to play and other features.
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About Coin Master Game You need to know

Know About Coin Master Game Menu

When you open the coin master game for the first time, you will see the right side menu option on the game screen, after clicking on the menu option, you will see the options given below.
  • Play
  • Village 
  • Buy Coins/Spins
  • Daily  Bonus
  • Village Shop
  • Village News
  • Gifts
  • Card Collection
  • Map
  • Leaderboard
  • Invite Friends
  • Achievements
  • Settings

Let’s Know about Menu Option

1.Play- When you click on the menu option, you will see the play option. After clicking on the play option, you will always come to the man screen of the game where you can spin the slot machine.
2. Village-This option will take you to the village area that you have to create.
3. Buy Coins/ Spins-When you Click on Buy Coin/spins then you will see four options as Spins.Coins.Chests.Treats.

  • Spins– Through this option, you can buy/purchase spins. if you Android user then these options take you to the play store so where you can buy spin through different payment options. 
  • Coins– Same as spins option if you want more coins  
  • Chests-With the coin earned by the game, you can buy wooden, golden and magical chests from the chest option.
4. Daily Bonus-This Option will give you daily free bonuses of the coin.

5. Village Shop-Village option takes on your village build, and you can build the village.
6. Village News– Village News option give you info about raid and attacks.
7. Gifts-By this option, you can send spin and coin gifts to your friends every day.
8. Card CollectionCard Collection option shows you which card sets you completed.
9. Map-Map option shows your Village level number.
10. Leaderboard-Check your rank on the leaderboard.
11. Invite Friends-When you click on the Invite your friend’s option then the coin master game generates a link which you can send by Facebook, Message, Whatsapp, and another social media app. if your friends download coin master game through this link. Coin master game gives you free spins rewards.
12. Achievement-This option shows your game achievement.
13.Settings-Setting option shows game options like sound, music and etc.

How to Play Coin Master Game

The Coin Master game is very easy to play/ when you open it the first time then you will see the spin button.

1.Spin Button

The spin button is the main part of the game. Click on the spin button and the coin master game will start.

2.Hammer Sign
When you click on the spin button and slot machine show three signs of the hammer which means attack. You can attack on friends or random villages and earn the coins.

3.Pig Face Sign
During play, if the slot machine shows you three pig faces it means raid. Raid is the part of the game and it will take you to another player village and give you 3 shovels and 4 spots marked by an “X”.where you can dig and collect the coin and cards.

When the Slot machine shows you three shields that means you got protection from attack. You can collect only three shields.

Coin Master Facebook

If you log in to the Coin Master game with a Facebook account, then you become entitled to a free bonus and spin. You can follow the Coin Master’s Facebook official page and get free spin and coin links daily. You can invite friends through Facebook and send spin and coin.

Coin Master Instagram

You can follow the coin master Instagram official page and get the latest info about the game.

Coin Master Twitter

Now you can follow coin master on Twitter. Coin master recently makes a Twitter account and post daily tweets.

Coin Master Game Updates

From time to time, the Coin Master game keeps updating, which you can find on the screen of the game, you can play a new event in the Coin Master game with updates. The game player has to show event error many times, so first of all you must install the new update of the game. So that you can enjoy playing the game without any interruptions. Before updating, make sure that your device has enough space.

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